Welcome to the Posadem Materials page. Here you will find materials related to modules 1, 2 & 3.

Module 1.

Click below for a PDF copy of  Insights into ‘POSADEM’.  An example from ‘Living with Dementia: Societal Perspectives.







Module 2

Emotional intelligence is an important aspect of communicating and supporting people living with dementia, emotionally intelligent leadership takes these same concepts to enhance communication and support for the people you are leading. This lecture on emotionally intelligent leadership features our guest lecturer Grace, who explores how she used emotionally intelligent leadership to lead her innovative project

Following the lecture reflect on this learning about emotionally intelligent leadership:

  • How does this concept relate to your experience of leadership ?
  • In terms of your own development as a leader, how do you rate your emotional intelligence?
  • How do you think your followers/colleagues would rate your emotional intelligence?
  • How can you use this knowledge to develop your leadership style?

Click on module 2 below to view the video lecture. You can use Google Scholar to locate a paper by Daniel Goleman on emotionally intelligent leadership.


Click on module 3 below to view the video lecture

wp 3

Click on WP 3 below to view the WP curriculum report