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The Posadem team met at Maastricht University in September.  The primary aim of the two day meeting was to finalise outlines for three core modules taking account of how these modules met the criteria identified by key stakeholders. A further aim of the meeting was to allow partners to report back on possibilites for programme delivery within their individual universities and to address some of the complex issues related to programming and costs.  It was a lively and intense two days.  The team were joined by Dr. Ann Johnson, currently living with a diagnosis of dementia.  Ann participated in the discussion on module content bringing her individual perspective to the work so far.  A summary of the points Ann raised are below

We should be regarded as normal people; please do not label us on the basis of our condition.  Love us and be with us.  Understand how we live with it, how our problems occur and why we can’t get around them.  How we cope and come to grips with it and how to make our lives easier.  This will give students a better understanding of dementia and should be the learning objective of the Posadem programme.  Moreover giving us the time to finish and not cutting us off is very important in terms of communication.  Lastly I am not very fond of the word carers.  You are somebody’s son, wife, and so on.

Three writing teams have now been established and tasked with completing of module content by May 2015.

In terms of delivery the team are considering the potential of a MOOC platform to deliver some of the module content.  See the link below for a brief history of MOOCs.