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About the University 

Since its foundation in 1995, CUAS has made history. Back then we started with 2 programs and about 70 students; currently we offer 30 study programs that educate almost 2000 full- and part-time students. About the same number of CUAS graduates is impressive proof of the necessity and importance of this academic institution. Through ever growing acceptance of the programs as well as the high demand for our graduates in industry, the programs will be further developed in the coming years.

CUAS has developed into a unique educational institution in Carinthia. Through constant further development of the degree programs at CUAS and intensive cooperation with the worlds of business and science, those studying at the university can be certain of a forward-looking education with its finger on the pulse of time. CUAS lives the vision of direct practical experience. Full- and part-time lecturers, as well as guest speakers from industry and business ensure an interdisciplinary, internationally oriented education. Degree programs are offered in the fields of civil engineering and architecture, engineering, as well as management, healthcare and social issues.

The quality of our education is emphasized through the development of innovative teaching and learning methods, such as, blended learning, which offers students and professors greater flexibility in the creation of a suitable learning environment. Furthermore, the CUAS library offers support with a state of the art education. On all sites CUAS libraries administrate 33,000 media.

 The Team


Eva Mir (née Brunner) has studied Psychology at the Alps-Adria University of Klagenfurt (Austria) and has worked in a pre- and post-doc-position at the Institute of Psychology of the named university. Since 2008 she has been acting as a Professor of Applied Social Sciences at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences. She is specialized in health psychology, especially health promotion as well as in work and organizational psychology.




Hannes Martinz, BA MA, studied Health Care and Health Management from 2007 to 2012 and wrote his thesis in the fields of Health Promotion and Project Management. He has been employed at the CUAS as a research assistant since 2013. Due to his prior professional career, he has several years´ experience in adult education and leadership training.




dorisDoris Gebhard, Mag.(FH), studied Health Care Management and wrote her diploma thesis in the field of day care for elderly people. Since her final degree in 2009 she has worked as a research assistant at the CUAS. In the last few years she has been involved in three EU projects, focusing on the topics of gerontology, elderly people, and education against the background of demographical change.

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